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About Us

Tepee is a dynamic sporting goods company with a history of diversity and flexibility to keep pace with the needs of an ever-changing marketplace. 

Proudly Canadian, Tepee Sporting Goods Ltd. base of operations is in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Tepee Sporting Goods Ltd. brings a strong base of knowledge and expertise in the sporting goods and apparel markets to their customers - a benefit earned from over 44 successful years in business.

Tepee originally opened it's doors as a retail operation. With a keen interest in servicing the fitness and athletic boxing markets, Tepee began by supplying a wide range of sporting goods and equipment.

As our business grew we found a need existed for manufacturing within the fitness market. Tepee was excited by the prospect of diversifying into this new area. With the depth of knowledge and expertise already on board, Tepee was clearly in a position to excel in the manufacturing arena.

Manufacturing under the brand name "Select", Tepee has been very successful in this endeavor, and continues to work very hard to meet customer's needs by providing excellent products.

Boxing and fitness are some of our major interests.

With our expertise and a strong desire to embark on manufacturing, Tepee expanded to encompass our Select brand of sporting goods equipment. This included equipment for boxing, martial arts, and fitness. The Select brand soon become known for our quality and commitment to service. Amateur boxing clubs, karate schools and many other fitness establishments quickly embraced our product for their facility users. Today Select brand is offered along with our garment collections.


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